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Securing Legacies, Honouring Wishes

Welcome to Hayes Wills and Estate Planning, where your legacy is our priority. Founded by Heather Hayes, a Reigate based will writing and estate planner, we are committed to guiding you through the essential process of securing your future and protecting your loved ones.

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Understanding Your Unique Story

Personalised Estate Planning for Every Individual

At Hayes Wills and Estate Planning we recognise that each person’s situation is as unique as their fingerprint. We take pride in our tailored approach to estate planning. Heather dedicates time to understand your specific circumstances, family dynamics, and financial aspirations, ensuring that your will perfectly encapsulates your wishes.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Solutions for Peace of Mind
  • Will Writing

    Expertly crafted wills that reflect your intentions.

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney

    Ensuring your affairs are in trusted hands.

  • Estate Planning

    Strategic planning for your assets and legacies.

How It Works

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    Understanding Your Unique Needs

    During the consultation, we delve deeper into your personal circumstances, family dynamics, and financial goals. This stage is crucial for us to tailor our services to your specific needs. Heather Hayes, with her extensive expertise, leads these consultations, ensuring a thorough understanding of your estate planning objectives. We discuss various options, address your concerns, and provide expert advice on the best course of action. This personalised consultation is the foundation upon which your bespoke will and estate plan are built.

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    Will Drafted

    Crafting Your Customised Will

    Following our consultation, we begin drafting your will. This process involves translating your wishes and instructions into a legally binding document. Heather works meticulously to ensure that every detail of your will reflects your intentions accurately. We incorporate strategic estate planning elements tailored to your unique situation, ensuring a comprehensive and secure plan for your legacy. This drafting phase is handled with precision and care, considering every aspect that matters to you and your loved ones.

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    Will Reviewed

    Ensuring Accuracy and Satisfaction

    Once the initial draft of your will is prepared, we invite you to review it. This stage is all about ensuring that the document accurately reflects your wishes and that you are completely satisfied with every detail. We encourage you to ask questions and request changes if needed. This review process ensures that the final will is a true representation of your intentions.

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    Will Finalised

    Sealing Your Future with Confidence

    The final step is the formalisation of your will. Once you are fully satisfied with the document, we proceed to finalise it. This involves signing the will in the presence of witnesses, making it a legally binding document. We guide you through this process, ensuring all legal requirements are met. After finalisation, we will guide you through your storage options, whether this is a secure storage facility or safely storing it yourself. With your will finalised, you can have peace of mind knowing your legacy is secure and your wishes will be honoured.

Why Choose Hayes Wills?

Expertise, Empathy, and Precision

Expert Guidance

Heather simplifies will writing and estate planning, offering expert guidance in plain English for clarity.

Tailored Solutions

Your story is unique; so are our solutions. We offer personalised advice and services.


As a parent, Heather understands the need to secure your family’s future.

The Hayes Wills Promise

A Legacy of Precision and Care

At Hayes Wills & Estate Planning, we work diligently to honour your unique story and preserve your legacy with precision and care. Our commitment to providing a bespoke service tailored to your needs is the cornerstone of our practice.

The National Will Archive

Ensuring the security of your Will is paramount. The NWA provides long-term, cost-effective storage solutions with payment options to suit different individuals, along with a robust registration service. Let me assist you in safeguarding your Will against loss, damage, or theft.

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